Chartered Financial Analyst University Affiliation Program

CFA Institute Student Scholarship

  • Award Amount: Program enrollment fee of USD $450 is waived and exam registration fee of USD $950 is reduced to USD $350
  • Application Deadline: February 1 for June exam and August 8 for December exam.
  • Eligibility: Students currently attending an Affiliated University

Students must apply for a scholarship before registering for the Level 1 exam. If you register for the exam prior to being awarded a scholarship, you become ineligible for a scholarship.

Visit CFA Student Scholarship Site

Student Scholarship Application Procedure

IMPORTANT: Do not register for the CFA Level 1 Exam until after a scholarship has been approved.

  1. First, you must notify Professor Russell Rhoads via email at to let him know that you are applying for a CFA Level 1 Exam scholarship. This allows Prof. Rhoads to monitor your application process on the CFA website. After notifying Prof. Rhoads of your intent to apply, follow these directions to apply for the exam.
  2. Once you apply you will receive a letter from the CFA stating that your application has been received. Professor Russell Rhoads who is the Principle Contact (PC) for the CFA Exam Scholarships, can then select up to 11 students per year.
  3. If you are selected, you will receive another letter from the CFA stating you have received a scholarship. Only then can you register for the Level 1 Exam