Executive Skills

Sharpen your skills as a business leader.

The Kelley Evening MBA Program takes you beyond core business competencies like finance, economics and operations. Courses that develop and fine-tune your executive skills are integrated into our curriculum as a set of required classes. These experiences are complemented with optional, customized career coaching as you need it. Whether or not you pursue a position in the C-suite, our executive skills curriculum will prepare you with the expertise and presence to have a seat at the table.

How it Works

Our curriculum meets you where you are with specific courses that strengthen various facets of your executive leadership capabilities. Four learning modules comprising six credit hours help you develop the skills, knowledge and understanding that facilitate career growth now and in the future. These modules help you:

  • Develop an actionable career vision and a plan to achieve it.
  • Build professional alliances inside and outside your organization.
  • Articulate ideas, thoughts, proposals and recommendations persuasively to business audiences.
  • Heighten leadership skills through a better understanding of self, participation in teams and responsiveness to feedback.

Executive Skills Learning Modules

Your executive skills curriculum is structured in four modules.

Your Evening MBA experience begins with the Executive Management Orientation (1.5 credit hours) prior to the start of formal classes. You'll be immersed in a live business case; receive classroom exposure to fundamental business principles in microeconomics, strategy and general business acumen and complete career reflection exercises. This module lays the groundwork for your career management plan and your executive skill development throughout the Evening MBA Program.

Spend a weekend running a simulated company. Receive and provide feedback with your classmates as you develop an action plan for your future. The Seminar in Management Issues (1.5 credit hours) is a popular experience for many Evening MBA students, as the X511 course and weekend simulation put students in the hot seat to run a company, manage challenges and receive high-quality feedback.

You can choose a minimum of two courses among the following Executive Skills electives (1.5 credit hours each), depending on the areas in which you have the most room for growth.

  • Negotiations
  • Executive Leadership (includes a dedicated coaching session)
  • Career Management (includes a dedicated coaching session)
  • Effective Communication
  • Strategic Management of Human Capital
  • Project Management
  • Individual Executive Coaching Engagement

To provide greater flexibility around your busy schedule and other required classes, the Executive Skills electives are offered throughout the year at non-traditional times, such as weekends, around holiday breaks and online.

Through the management simulation, I learned that people saw me as someone in charge. It was a quality I didn’t realize I had. I couldn’t grow something I didn’t recognize, and this experience opened my eyes and built my confidence about who I can be and the impact I can have on an organization.

Kelly Blair, MBA’17 | HR Strategy and Transformation, Eli Lilly and Company