Career Coaching

Our Model

Evening MBA career coaching is available for students looking to advance within their current companies, for those transitioning from one career to another and for those who seek timely support for existing or immediate career needs. If there’s a skill or position you want to add to your résumé, you can find resources to do it throughout your time at Kelley.

Career Transition Process

We have developed a five-step process to lay the foundation for and guide your career advancement. At each step along the way, courses provide resources and deliverables to help you pave the way toward your career goals.

  1. Self-assessment and discovery
  2. Market research and planning
  3. Executing the plan
  4. Interviewing and negotiating
  5. Establishing credibility in the new role

Just-in-time Career Coaching

Kelley Evening MBA students come from a variety of backgrounds and stages in their careers. The program’s one-on-one coaching is delivered whenever and wherever you need it. Just-in-time career coaching is available throughout the program when you:

  • Feel stuck in your job or organization
  • Need support for an upcoming interview
  • Need advice in developing an exit strategy
  • Need to polish your résumé
  • Need advice on how to handle a persistent recruiter
  • Lose a job and need a search plan
  • Need support to strategize an upcoming promotion opportunity