About Us

The Kelley School offers a top-tier business education focused on guiding you toward your own true success.

At the Kelley School of Business, we are in the business of creating career momentum. Our students have the talent to succeed, the humility to grow and the tenacity to persevere. That spirit—combined with an education that only the elite Kelley School can deliver—results in graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to meet new challenges, to make positive change possible and to contribute to their organizations from day one.

We have our roots in the first business course offered at Indiana College in Bloomington in 1830. Indiana College grew to be Indiana University, and the School of Commerce and Finance, established in 1920, grew to be the Kelley School of Business. We’ve offered business courses on our Indianapolis campus since 1916, implemented executive education in 1952 and advance business education on a global scale. Our timeline showcases more than 100 years of business excellence.

Recruiters tell us they seek out our students and graduates for their positive, hardworking attitude and their confidence that comes from the real-world, applicable education our faculty deliver at every degree level.

Our faculty members demand, and get, the best out of our students. Kelley students learn how to drive results. This quality is reflected in our exceptional student job-offer rates, the reputation of our career services and our global position as a top business school


Our overarching vision is to be recognized as one of the most important business schools in the world. To achieve this vision, we must be an elite school of choice for the best faculty, students, and external partners who fit both our mission and values.


The mission of the Kelley School of Business is to transform the lives of students, organizations, and society through management education, research, and service. Our aim is to:

  1. develop a diverse body of students who are citizens of the world and who have a positive impact on their organizations and the communities in which they live,
  2. conduct and disseminate high-quality research that advances both business theory and practice, and
  3. serve, directly and indirectly, through instructional and research efforts, constituents and communities at all levels of society—local, national, and international.

In fulfilling our mission, we emphasize a collaborative approach that encourages the creation of value-added partnerships among faculty, students, alumni, other universities and academic units at IU, and with private sector and not-for-profit organizations. We also recognize that fulfillment of our mission is best served by an inclusive culture that respects faculty and student diversity in all forms.


At the Kelley School, we are committed to maintaining a system of values grounded on:

  • Ethical conduct and integrity
  • Excellence, professionalism, and pride in all that we do
  • Personal initiative and individual responsibility
  • Full engagement of all of our faculty and staff in pursing the mission of the school
  • Ongoing innovation in our programs and scholarship
  • A spirit of collaboration, civility, respect, and collegial conduct in all contexts
  • Open and forthright communication
  • Diversity and inclusiveness, and
  • Just and equitable recognition for performance


To support our mission, and to do so in ways that reflect our values, we have established the following goals: 

  • Preserve our collegial and collaborative faculty and staff culture
  • Continue to attract, retain, and develop high-quality, diverse faculty
  • Foster the creation and dissemination of outstanding, innovative research contributions
  • Continue to attract, retain, and develop a high-quality, diverse student body
  • Maintain innovative, relevant, and rigorous programs supported by high-quality teaching
  • Build strong partnerships with other educational and research institutions aimed at developing innovative programming
  • Forge strong relationships with valued corporate, professional, and community organizations
  • Actively engage alumni both domestically and internationally
  • Maintain, further develop, and create a portfolio of innovative and sustainable value-added revenue streams
  • Maintain and augment our high-quality facilities and technological capabilities
  • Contribute positively to society at all levels (locally, nationally, and internally) through research, teaching and service efforts

Strategic Initiatives

To achieve our strategic initiatives, we will take on the following actions:

  • Fostering the creation and dissemination of cutting-edge, impactful research
  • Creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment
  • Launching Project BEND (Business Education for the Next Decade)
  • Building and leveraging domestic and global partnerships
  • Strengthening brand awareness
  • Improving connectivity and engagement of alumni
  • Focusing Kelley’s fundraising efforts for the next decade