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A New Focus on Sustainability

The IU Business Sustainability and Innovation Lab was founded in 2021 by Amrou Awaysheh with the goal of offering years of research and on-the-ground business experience to firms seeking sustainability strategies. By turning these practices into specific, operational improvements, the lab allows companies to examine, understand and leverage these strategies to their competitive advantage. 

Awaysheh is a faculty member at the Kelley School of Business Indianapolis, the founding director of the IoT Energy Efficiency Lab and a Research Fellow at the Center for Excellence in Manufacturing at Kelley.

He holds a PhD in operations management from the University of Western Ontario. Awaysheh’s research focuses on how firms leverage and understand their data, enhancing their operations and supply chains to improve their financial performance. He also looks at how firms integrate and manage socially responsible practices in their operations and supply chains to enhance profitability and improve firm valuations. 

Since 2008, Awaysheh has managed and participated on over 60 global corporate social responsibility initiatives with Fortune 500 firms. The cumulative impact of these projects resulted in savings of over $2.1 billion and revenue increases of over $1.3 billion. Combined, these projects directed approximately $425 million of investments.

Awaysheh has been working with companies to help enhance their sustainability performance and enhance financial performance. This work has identified the substantial financial benefit that firms can reap by focusing largely on reducing resource consumption, such as energy and water, and eliminating waste generation within their operations.

We focus on developing technologies to help manufacturers better understand energy consumption and work on ways to reduce it.

Amrou Awaysheh | Founding and Executive Director, IU Business Sustainability and Innovation Lab and Associate Professor of Operations Management, IU Kelley School of Business

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Sustainable measures can be a profitable tool for leaders looking to make a positive impact in their firms. If you have questions about our work or this area of expertise, reach out to the IU Business Sustainability and Innovation Lab by completing the form below.