What is a career in management?

Management is the practice of developing plans, procedures and strategies to guide personnel, finances and resources in the daily and long-term needs of a business.

Career Fields in Management

Careers in management typically involve:

Personnel Planning

Deciding how many employees are needed to complete a job efficiently.

Policy Creation

Ensuring a business unit’s practices are safe, legal and effective.

Performance Evaluation

Providing critical and constructive feedback to encourage employee growth.


Conveying information effectively to stakeholders regarding policies, schedules and business plans.

Local Companies Hiring Management Majors

  • Amazon
  • FedEx
  • Fastenal
  • Forum Credit Union
  • Enterprise Holdings
  • Sherwin Williams

Salary Statistics

Review Career and Salary Statistics to learn more about the earning potential of management careers.

Potential Management Jobs

Entry-Level Positions

  • Assistant manager
  • Office manager
  • Store manager

Mid-Level Positions

  • Division manager
  • Plant manager

Senior-Level Positions

  • Corporate account manager
  • Chief executive officer (CEO)

Preparing for a Career in Management


Consider co-majors that can help build your skillset.

  • Human resource management: Understand how employee compensation and relations can affect workplace performance and morale.
  • International studies: Gain a global understanding of business and how interacting across national borders affects decision-making processes.

Get Involved

Get involved on campus through student organizations.

Build Experience

Management internship recruitment is focused on the Fall semester.

  • Seek out internships to gain experience in the professional world. These can be found on Handshake and other job boards.

Key Tips to Consider about Management Careers

  1. Management is a versatile degree that involves supervising people and projects. Management positions can be found in all industries, though some roles may require more technical focus.
  2. Some companies offer management training programs that immerse new hires in company protocols to train and retain talented managers.

Explore careers in business.

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