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When you enroll in the top-ranked Evening MBA Program at the Kelley School of Business in downtown Indianapolis, you gain more than a degree; you also gain personalized career coaching to help you target your professional goals and amplify your career. Whether you want to advance within your organization, identify a new career path or launch a new venture, Kelley Indianapolis Career Services offers targeted support and programming to help you define and achieve your goals.

Career Coaching

As a Kelley MBA, you are supported by a career coach who is an expert in career advancement, brand development and job search trends. Together, you work to articulate your values, interests and skills to make an informed decision on which direction you want to take your career. Kelley Career Coaches offer unbiased, third-party support for your goals, as well as lifetime career resources.

Your career coach helps you decode job descriptions to get at the heart of what hiring managers want. Together, you understand where gaps exist in your experience and develop a plan to add those experiences and skill sets to your tool belt.

Your career coach uses the skills and experiences identified in the job you want to help you craft a résumé, cover letter and LinkedIn profile to demonstrate your understanding of what the employer needs.

Build effective interview, negotiation and networking techniques by working with your career coach.

What are your career goals? What are your strengths? Your coach gets to know you and helps you establish what unique qualities you bring to the table and how all of this contributes to your overall career strategy.

Whether you want to advance in your current firm or change function and/or industry, your career coach helps you strategize your career trajectory now and in the future.

Your career coach can connect you to Kelley alumni, who are experts in their industries and can serve as mentors in your career advancement. Mentors may go on to sponsor your career trajectory by connecting you with high-profile opportunities and by championing your work through their reputation. Learn more about the powerful Kelley alumni network.

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