What is a career in marketing?

Marketers work to understand the wants and needs of consumers, and they promote products or services to create value to the customer. Marketing professionals intentionally stimulate demand for a product through product packaging, targeted advertising and brand reputation.

Career Fields in Marketing

Careers in marketing typically involve:


Managing data and observing key performance indicators to inform strategic planning and achieve goals.


Collecting data to understand consumer behavior and other forces that determine purchasing trends.

Sales Management

Driving purchases by making contact with potential clients to generate revenue.

Digital Marketing

Promoting products, services and brand image using digital tools via online channels.

Local Companies Hiring Marketing Majors

  • Salesforce
  • Walker Information
  • Rolls-Royce
  • Delta Faucet
  • enVista
  • Young & Laramore
  • Hirons

Salary Statistics

Review Career and Salary Statistics to learn more about the earning potential of marketing careers.

Potential Marketing Jobs

Entry-Level Positions

  • Branding consultant
  • Sales associate
  • Research analyst

Mid-Level Positions

  • Marketing manager
  • Account manager
  • Marketing and sales consultant

Senior-Level Positions

  • Marketing director
  • Chief marketing officer (CMO)

Preparing for a Career in Marketing


Consider minors that can help build your skillset.

  • Sports marketing: Learn how to apply sales and promotion techniques to the professional and amateur sport industries.
  • Data analytics: Learn how to use a portfolio of programming languages and software programs deployed in business settings.

Get Involved

Get involved through student organizations or professional associations.

Build Experience

Marketing internship recruitment is focused on the Fall semester.

  • Seek out internships to gain experience in the professional world. These can be found on Handshake and other job boards.

Key Tips to Consider about Accounting Careers

  1. Marketing graduates can find employment opportunities at advertising agencies, marketing consulting firms and within the marketing divisions of many corporations.
  2. Obtaining certification in Google Analytics, Google AdWords (SEO Tools) and customer relation management (CRM) can increase job opportunities and prepare you for success in various roles.

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