Real Estate Co-Major

What is a career in real estate?

Real estate involves the buying, selling, developing, valuing, analyzing and investing in residential and commercial land and buildings. Commercial real estate covers everything beyond residential homes, including apartments, warehouses, malls and office buildings.

Before a company constructs a new facility or an investor acquires an income-producing property, they work with real estate professionals to evaluate, develop, lease or purchase the property. Customize your real estate focus by combining the real estate co-major with any Kelley major.

Career Fields in Real Estate

Careers in real estate typically involve:


From ground-up construction to redevelopment of existing property, this field is concentrated on identifying the optimal type of building for a site and delivering it from conception to reality.


Brokers are problem solvers who negotiate and facilitate sale and lease transactions for all types of real estate.

Valuation & Consulting

Appraisers guide real estate decision-making and provide expert valuation opinions to support real estate transactions and litigation.

Lending & Private Equity

Professionals in lending and private equity pursue financing for real estate acquisition or development deals by securing debt and raising equity capital.

Local Companies Hiring Real Estate Co-Majors

  • Simon Property Group
  • Kittle Property Group
  • Scannell Properties
  • Thompson Thrift
  • JC Hart
  • Buckingham Companies
  • Kite Realty
  • Duke Realty
  • Milhaus
  • TWG

Potential Real Estate Jobs

Entry-Level Positions

  • Financial analyst
  • Broker associate
  • Appraiser trainee

Mid-Level Positions

  • Development manager
  • Commercial lender
  • Corporate real estate manager

Senior-Level Positions

  • Director of capital markets
  • Vice president of development
  • Executive vice president of investments

Preparing for a Career in Real Estate


Combine your real estate co-major with any Kelley degree to diversify and tailor your skillset.

Get Involved

Get involved on campus through student organizations.

  • Real Estate Club at IUPUI
  • Real Estate Workshop at IUPUI (must be in the real estate co-major)

Build Experience

Real Estate job and internship recruitment is focused on the Fall semester.

  • Work on real-world projects with actual companies in your real estate courses.
  • Complete an internship to gain professional experience in the field.

Key Tips to Consider about Real Estate Careers

  1. Building your professional network in real estate is very important in this field.
  2. Many jobs in commercial real estate involve a variety of projects or assignments that will often take you away from your desk and into the field.
  3. The real estate co-major allows you to combine multiple areas of study (i.e., combine real estate with another Kelley major).

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