Human Resource Management

What is a career in human resource management?

Human resource management maximizes the impact of employees in an organization. Human resource (HR) professionals are involved in staff hiring, training, compensation and conflict resolution.

Career Fields in Human Resource Management

Careers in human resource management typically involve:


Developing the right mix of compensation and benefits to attract and retain employees.


Ensuring company policies and procedures adhere to current legal standards.


Seeking, vetting and hiring employees that fit the culture and needs of each position.

Training & Development:

Onboarding and providing continual growth opportunities for employees.

Local Companies Hiring Human Resource Management Majors

  • Cummins
  • State of Indiana
  • Amazon
  • That’s Good HR
  • Eskenazi Health
  • Ascension Health

Salary Statistics

Review Career and Salary Statistics to learn more about the earning potential of human resource management careers.

Potential Human Resource Management Jobs

Entry-Level Positions

  • Recruiter
  • HR analyst
  • Junior HR administrator

Mid-Level Positions

  • HR specialist
  • Personnel manager

Senior-Level Positions

  • Director of HR
  • Chief HR officer

Preparing for a Career in Human Resource Management


Consider minors that can help build your skillset.

  • Communications
  • Psychology

Get Involved

Get involved on campus through student organizations.

Build Experience

Human Resource Management internship recruitment is focused on the Fall semester.

  • Seek out internships to gain experience in the professional world. These can be found on Handshake and other job boards.

Key Tips to Consider about Human Resource Management Careers

  1. HR professionals must stay up-to-date on workplace trends as well as federal and state labor laws.
  2. Companies tend to hire HR management professionals one or two at a time. You should actively search job boards so you know when a position becomes available.

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