This is the most common question and the one we struggle with the most. We have a couple of ways of handling this. If it is a larger class (the vast majority), then having all the teams look at one idea is not feasible. If you have four or five ideas in mind, and they meet the academic requirements of the project, we might be able to let groups pick which one they’d like to do. What is most common is that the faculty and the company representatives determine some workable ideas beforehand and ‘feed’ them to any groups struggling to come up with ideas.

There are no costs, only time.

None. What is most common is that "nuggets" of ideas appear to the company representative. These nuggets might be related around a new product, possible promotional idea, a new market, etc. These students are juniors and just really starting to take business classes. You get fresh, but very inexperienced, eyes.

  1. Investing in future business leaders. Over 95% of Kelley students from the IUPUI campus stay in central Indiana after graduation, although many are willing to relocate or travel if asked. This is your opportunity to get connected and help strengthen the quality of future employees in the area.
  2. Many companies offer employment or internship positions to students due to their impressive projects.
  3. I-Core faculty will help promote your job openings or internship positions.

We can, and have, worked with a wide variety of industries. Companies that sell tangible products or companies that offer services that require investment (i.e. significant materials, facilities, etc.) are the best for this project. Service companies that do not need investment may require our student groups to use fabricated parameters in order to meet the educational objectives of I-Core. For example, we might require them to purchase a truck or lease a building even though one is not needed. Tech companies that are all digital are more difficult. We are willing to work with any industry, but we might have to get creative regarding how we fit it within our requirements.

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