Julie Manning Magid

Vice Dean, Kelley Indianapolis
Professor of Business Law
Kelley Venture Fellow
Academic and Executive Director, Tobias Leadership Center

Much like the interdisciplinary nature of the healthcare industry, faculty collaboration spans across many fields of study at the Kelley School of Business.

"One of the great aspects of being part of Kelley’s faculty is our collaborative culture that enables synergy,” says Julie Manning Magid. “Conducting research and teaching in an interdisciplinary environment offers so many different ways to think about your work and its relevance to the world of healthcare.”

Collaborating with Kelley Indianapolis colleagues in the marketing, management, and operations fields, Magid has participated in research projects ranging from brand image and trademarks to radio frequency identification (RFID) and privacy law. RFIDs are often used in hospitals to track medical care and devices. Magid's most recent research concerns employment contracting to promote innovation in healthcare.

My classes teach how to make decisions when there are high degrees of ambiguity. I really feel what I teach is not just law; it's critical thinking skills.