AAPL Partnership

Partner Benefits

Physician members of AAPL members can enjoy partner benefits based on when they earn the MBA:

  • All AAPL members receive an application fee waiver, and two of the three letters of recommendation waived when applying to the Physician MBA Program.
  • AAPL members who start the Physician MBA Program after completing Certified Physician Executive (CPE) or Master's Prerequisite Curriculum certification receive a 10% tuition discount.
  • AAPL members who wait until after the MBA to apply for the CPE through AAPL get to bypass the AAPL required coursework and must only complete the AAPL Capstone, the final requirement in fulfilling CPE certification.

Why Kelley

More than ever, it is critical for physician leaders to drive change within healthcare organizations. To lead effectively, physicians must be trained in the business of medicine, matching their administrative skills to their clinical expertise. By combining practical knowledge and contemporary conferences from AAPL with a rigorous and renowned Kelley School of Business MBA, physicians gain the tools and experiences they need to succeed. Our healthcare-specific coursework and hybrid learning schedule equips physicians to strategize the best course forward for their patients, their healthcare organizations, and their clinical teams.

There are many MBA degrees available, but only one Kelley School of Business Physician MBA.

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To discuss how to segue your AAPL leadership experience into a Physician MBA degree, connect with us.

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Program Director