Student Life

Welcome to Kelley Indianapolis!

Set goals, work hard, explore the world and volunteer. At Kelley Indianapolis, we truly believe this mindset will propel your college experience into the career you want. College is about finding yourself, broadening your knowledge and making moments that will last with you forever.

That’s what happens at Kelley.

Experience Kelley Indy through two students’ perspectives.

Live in the Kelley House.

Be a part of a community of your own peers. Live together, eat together, learn together. If this unique interaction with like-minded students sounds like what you want out of college, consider living in Kelley House, the dormitory exclusively for business students.

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Build a better community, get involved.

Do you want to get to know your peers and make a difference in the community? Kelley and IU Indianapolis student organizations give you numerous chances to get involved, create a powerful network, make new friends and stand out when you make that next career move.

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Study Abroad

Students who've traveled abroad describe it as a life-changing experience. Studying in another country is an intellectual and cultural journey that will change the way you see the world, business and yourself.

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