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Rachel Ogden, BS’11, MSA’19 |

 A finance major returns to Kelley to pursue an MSA degree and a new career in accounting.

Theresa Tetrault, MSA’15 |

 A political science major realizes her knack for accounting and earns her CPA and MSA.

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Graduate Accounting

Accounting is an appealing career choice for many reasons: job outlook, salary and the opportunity for growth. So how do you set yourself apart? Consider earning the Kelley Master of Science in Accounting (MSA) degree, the Graduate Certificate in Accounting or a Graduate Certificate in Internal Audit focusing in financial systems. Whether you've worked as an accountant for several years or you're changing careers, our customizable degree and graduate certificate options will help you unlock new opportunities while preparing you for the CPA exam.

Graduate Accounting Degrees

Graduate Taxation

Help businesses and government agencies navigate the complexities of tax laws by earning a Master of Science in Taxation (MST) or Graduate Certificate in Taxation. You do not need a business or accounting degree to enroll in these graduate programs, which will prepare you to be a tax specialist and business strategist, whether your field is accounting, law, business or financial planning.

Graduate Taxation Degrees

Graduate Internal Audit

The demand for internal auditors is high across all business disciplines, particularly in management, operations, strategy and systems. The Graduate Certificate in Internal Auditing focusing in operational systems prepares you for a lucrative career in internal audit, as well as provides a foundation to pass the Certified Internal Audit exam.

Graduate Certificate in Internal Auditing