Why an MBA?

Create the life you deserve with a Kelley MBA.

The job market is becoming more globally competitive, expectations for individual leadership skills are growing and the marketplace has a higher educated talent pool than ever before. You want a world-renowned education and a powerful business network that will accelerate your career. In the Kelley School of Business Evening MBA Program, we take learning beyond the classroom to give you the skills to leverage your future as a business leader. Whether it's a promotion or a new opportunity that awaits, the top-ranked Kelley Evening MBA will help you get where you want to go.


of business school alumni attribute their increase in earning power to their MBA (GMAC)

133,000+Kelley alumni you can learn from and connect with to grow your network

Why Kelley?

There are many advantages unique to the Kelley Evening MBA Program.

Gain a strong foundation in business fundamentals while building a clear understanding of yourself. The Kelley School of Business Evening MBA Program consistently ranks among the top part-time MBA programs in the country, and we are known for building worldwide business leaders. Once you’re a Kelley, the opportunities are endless.

You want a quality MBA, but you don't want to put your life on hold — we get it. Our students are mid-career professionals who work and juggle other commitments. The Evening MBA is a part-time program designed to be completed in 24 months. Our blend of in-person plus online learning equals a robust learning experience that works for you. 

You'll be taught by award-winning professors dedicated to your education and success. The achievements of Kelley professors — including groundbreaking research and thought leadership in their own careers — make a strong first impression, but it's the impact they make in the classroom that counts.

If admitted, you’ll join a cohort of 50 to 70 new students — professionals from an array of industries and backgrounds who will serve as peer mentors throughout the program. Our goal is to assemble a group of students who contributes as much to the learning environment as you take from it. The value of the cohort extends far beyond graduation, providing important, unparalleled relationships throughout your career.

Problem-solving skills in business must translate beyond the local, state and national levels to be effective in today's evolving global marketplace. Companies expect you to communicate and solve problems across various languages and cultural challenges. In the Kelley Evening MBA Program, you will have opportunities to consult with companies abroad, preparing you for the interconnected world we do business in today.

When you join Kelley, you join more than 130,000 alumni and a network of business connections who are willing to lend a helping hand to a fellow Kelley. Our alumni are leading businesses in every state and on six continents — that's the power of a Kelley connection.

Our top-ranked part-time MBA program follows a cohort structure that allows students to develop relationships with their peers, which enhance the learning experience. By working within a cohort, you can leverage each other's strengths while bringing different perspectives to the table — mirroring what it's like in the business world.

The Kelley Evening MBA helps you become more productive—and valuable—at your company, and it develops your ability to analyze data in ways that are critical to forming business strategy.

Chris Macke, MBA’03